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Artist Profile

Nature inspires my work.  Printingmaking or painting, the natural world is my guide: water, sky, rocks, birds and animals find their way into my work.  

I've been painting for fifteen years, enjoying the exploration of colour, pattern and form. When living north of 60 degrees for over a decade I learned to look at light and water in a whole new way.  

In 2019 I had the great good fortune to spend a month on a ship in Antarctica.  The Antarctic moved me in unexpected ways. The most profound experience was that of the transient nature of our natural world. The massive ice shelves that calve smaller icebergs, which the relentless seas carve into fantastical spirit beings. The shape shifter, water, altering how light touches the forms of the earth and ocean. And always the ice, the ice. Touched by the dual essence of powerful solidity and ephemeral presence. Like Antarctica itself.


Now back in the mountains of British Columbia in the town of Nelson, I continue my journey of exploration.

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